A Better Map has worked on a couple of cool projects for a couple of great customers- different backgrounds, similar interactive sweetness. Read on!

Sheridan Community Land Trust

SCLT logo
Sheridan Community Land Trust is a local land conservation organization serving Sheridan County that is focused on preserving working ranches, open spaces, wildlife habitat, and historic sites, as well as increasing recreation opportunities.

About The Map

SCLT originally began with a paper map displaying recreational day trip options around Sheridan, Wyoming, so A Better Map approached them about redeveloping the map into something much more interactive. Discussions commenced, and the map evolved into a highly dynamic product with a variety of features.

Map Features


interactive map screenshot

As an alternative to the traditional static map, ABM incorporated several interactive options such as an activity filter, clickable map features that trigger dynamic popups, and a toggle-ready legend to turn layers on and off.


interactive SCLT map on different devices

From tablets and smartphones to laptops and desktops, ABM took into account the wide variety of screen sizes on the market to ensure consistent appearance and functionality.

Additional Layers

additional layers for sclt map

As a supplement to the map's primary focus on recreation opportunities, A Better Map included some additional layers such as U.S. Forest Service features, fishable streams, and SCLT's conservation easements.


screenshot of map matching sclt website color scheme

Paying careful attention to SCLT's existing website, ABM created the map with subtle design and layout details in mind.

The 1947 Partition Archive

1947 Partition Archive logo
The 1947 Partition Archive is a people-powered non-profit organization dedicated to documenting, preserving and sharing eye witness accounts from all ethnic, religious and economic communities affected by the Partition of British India in 1947. We provide a platform for anyone anywhere in the world to collect, archive and display oral histories that document not only Partition, but pre-Partition life and culture as well as post-Partition migrations and life changes.

About The Map

This interactive map chronicles hundreds of stories of individuals present during the 1947 British Partition of India. While originally developed by the team at Silver Biology, A Better Map stepped in to provide a handful of enhancements to the map's style and functionality.

Map Features


interactive map legend

Some sleek buttons were added as a simple means to display map markers representing interviewees based on where they migrated from or to, or where they currently reside.


screenshot of map animation example

As a way to visualize migration patterns more clearly, animated lines and arrowheads appear when a map marker is clicked.

Search Options

map search options

In addition to clicking on map features, users can query the database as they type via a categorized autocomplete list that dynamically displays cities and interviewee names.